Truth, Justice and Healing Council Blog – Redress for abuse victims this election? : June 7 2016

Redress for abuse victims looks set for the bottom drawer this election

With less than four weeks until polling day the heavy slumber of the electorate is showing signs of lifting. Opinion polls continue to signal a close result. Nothing new there really. The polls always tighten as election dates close in. Hip pocket issues begin to surface and politicians expend enormous emotional energy attempting to convince us that they are engaged, down to earth and responsive. Again, nothing new there.

The tragedy is that the deeper and bigger issues, particularly of justice and the restoration of fairness, simply don’t play in this type of election. All the strategies are pitched at individualism, not community responsibility. Notions of personal sacrifice for a greater good are hard to even get on the agenda, let alone sell.

The classic case in point is the concept of national redress for victims of child abuse. I am convinced that this is instinctively popular with most Australians. It resonates with our sense of fair play. It is totally consistent with our desire to help the underdog. In other words it is part of the DNA of our national ethos. And yet where is the political momentum to deliver it?

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Redress for abuse victims looks set for the bottom drawer this election


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