Royal Commission – Week 1: December 15, 2013

Royal Commission into the Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse

With the Commission currently engaging in Public Hearings in the Catholic Church Response of “Towards Healing” I would encourage parishioners, in the first instance, to READ this Document in order to assess the proceedings of the Commission. It is available on the Parish Website.

The Truth, Justice and Healing Commission ( the Church’s body in regard to the Royal Commission) has given a daily update on its website. One alarming statement from the hearings on Day 2,  “…the Church should apologise and that it had a responsibility to help people repair their lives..” speaks of the realization that the Church’s response, as highlighted from this victim’s case, was not an acceptable one.  However, this one instance has forced change—an acceptance by the Church authorities  that there needs to be a more compassionate response addressed with compassion. The proceedings of the Royal Commission will, without doubt, cause the Church to have a more caring and loving response to any person violated by sexual abuse.

Clearly, the news of a new Vatican Commission against sexual abuse is another step forward in preventing any such abuse to occur in the future.

Please do not forget to keep up to date on the proceedings of the Royal Commission by visiting their website.

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