Parish Groups

The St Vincent de Paul Society

The society of St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization for volunteers who seek to serve God by loving others in a practical way.  The conference of the society comprises women and men, all actively involved in visitation to the poor, the sick, the lonely and those in need of help or advice of any kind, and budget counselling   As a result of visitations, material help is often necessary. Meetings are held every Monday at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre and new members are always welcome. For more information contact the Parish Office on 9888 5222.

The Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee advises the Parish Priest on administering parish finances and on planning future capital works. This includes ensuring that income is maintained in order to meet is commitments, providing the means by which the Parish plant may be maintained and submitting an annual report to the Archdiocese.

Works and Maintenance Committee

The Works & Maintenance Committee is responsible for keeping the nuts and bolts of the Parish together. Maintenance of buildings and grounds, and improving the physical state of the parish falls into their sphere of responsibility. They meet once a month to discuss future projects and ensure the relevant sub-committee carries them out.

If you have noticed a maintenance issue in the Parish plant please contact the Parish Office on 9888 5222

Hospitality Groups

This group is rostered on to organize and provide morning tea after the 9am Mass every Sunday.  This is a great way to get to know people, especially for those who are new to the parish.  New members are always welcome. Please contact the Parish Office on 9888 5222 for more information.

Meditation Groups

There are at least three Christian Meditation Groups operating in the Parish and new people are always welcome. Each group is somewhat different in format but they all spend time in silent meditation as was promoted by Laurence Freeman OSB, based on the work of another Benedictine, John Main. The current groups operate on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. For more information, please contact the Parish Office or phone 9888 5222.

The Book Club

This group commenced in 2008 and is focused on people who like to do reading homework of a religious nature. Basically each member comes prepared to share their impressions of a book or article that they have read during the past month and further discussion takes place. Books are available from the Parish Collection on offer in the Church Prayer Room.  There is a limit to numbers (8) in order to facilitate discussion. This Group meets at 9.30am on the 2nd Friday of each month in the Parish Office Meeting Room. For more information, contact the Parish Office or phone 9888 5222.

St Anthony’s Ladies Club

The aim of this group is to support, socially and charitably, the members of the group, the Vincentian Community and other worthy causes. They offer a rare quality of loyal friendship, support and understanding to each other and, as life-styles change for members, this takes on a particular significance. For more information, please contact the Parish Office on 9888 5222.

Other Groups

Here at St Anthony’s, we are privileged to be home to many more groups who bring an amazing vibrancy to the Parish Community. These include:-

Fraternity of our Lady of Grace
San Francesco di Paola Association

Please contact the the Parish Office for more information.