How will this Pastoral Plan affect me?

For every person who belongs to St Anthony’s, this Pastoral Plan challenges our involvement. We are inviting all parishioners to contribute to the development of our Parish Community. In saying this we need to acknowledge the many people who have always been involved in the Parish in our history– you have worked tirelessly for the building of the Kingdom of God here in Marsfield. But now the baton must be shared and handed on to new people and new generations with new energy.

So, you will be asked to give of your time and talent in order to be involved in this growth as a Parish. As you read on, you might find elements of the Plan that appeal to you. Please be forthcoming and help us to put the Pastoral Plan into practice.


The practical wisdom saying, “a good plan never survives the first encounter with the enemy” is something that holds true. It means that continual review of our Pastoral Plan will need to be undertaken, with on-going feedback and revised goals and strategies. While it seems a never-ending story that runs in circles, we might like to view it as a journey where we continually find new routes to where we are going. Patience and a constantly renewed energy will all be part of the process!


The time line to date has been nearly two years. The Pastoral Plan of the Parish will continue to evolve as new needs are discovered and new methods are employed. Change will be a way of life for us.

One thing will remain constant: the presence of the Risen Christ who calls all people to new life. That is our goal and our journey continues.