Mission Focus FOUR

Mission Focus FOUR:
Being a Responsible, Engaged Community

The Second Vatican Council named the Church “the People of God,” a communion of people who belong to the Lord and are empowered to build up the Body of Christ in this world. This understanding has determined the way we have seen our past, experience our present and hope for the future.

Our challenge

A central challenge is to ensure St Anthony’s Parish remains an active community of the faithful, led by and supportive of the Parish Priest.  To this end, there is a need to ensure engagement of the community in both pastoral and financial senses, and to ensure Parishioner engagement in bringing new life to the Parish in its planning and maintenance in coming years.

 Our opportunities

  • Active Pastoral Council and Finance Committee
  • Strengthened community sharing in the development of the Parish
  • Good Pastoral Leadership
  • Responsible Financial Administration

Current activities

  • Annual financial reporting to the Parish
  • Development of the current Pastoral Plan
  • Parish Priest and Pastoral Associate interacting with parishioners at levels of competency, working together collaboratively
  • Parish Priest communicating with Parish the concerns and limitations of current situations

Proposed activities

  • Encourage parishioners support/understand Parish Priest and Pastoral Associate in ministry
  • Enhance communication within the Parish
  • Every parishioner to contribute financially to the Parish no matter what amount
  • Continue to maintain the Parish Precinct
  • Work towards the Parish becoming “green,” by the promotion and action on environmental sustainability and taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint

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