Pastoral Planning….what have we done?

The process began with these two steps:-

  • Obtaining your responses about what we have been doing well in the Parish
  • Receiving your hopes and dreams about what you would like us to look like in five years’ time

This was followed by extensive feedback of your responses, collated into key ideas, from which we could begin to define the vision of the Parish.

This vision statement was presented to the Parish when we celebrated the feast of St Anthony this year, acknowledging our 70 years as a Parish Community with a commemorative bookmark.

Now, the Pastoral Council presents a Draft Pastoral Plan for the Parish, based on your responses to the process thus far. It is important to realise that this is the path YOU have suggested we walk as a Parish Community. Parallel to this discernment of our own Pastoral Plan has been the discovery of the Archdiocesan Plan, from which we have drawn many complementary goals.

We must remember that this Draft Plan is but a beginning, with further in-depth discernment needed as we proceed to address the way we live as a Catholic Parish Community.